CAT Manager PC 6.10 and gC.A.T4 software 2.12


Radiodetection C.A.T Manager Update


The latest version of C.A.T Manager (6.10) includes gC.A.T4 software 2.12

The new gC.A.T4 software has improved the Bluetooth pairing process with the CAT Manager mobile app.


Please be advised that some earlier versions of C.A.T Manager may not be compatible with all C.A.T4 models and we strongly recommend that you always use the most recent version of C.A.T Manager to manager your Radiodetection C.A.T4 units.


Please use this link to update and install the latest C.A.T Manager application:

If you have any questions relating to this email, or installing and using the C.A.T Manager PC application, please contact us by emailing:


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