C.A.T. Manager Accounts


About C.A.T Manager Accounts

To take advantage of the full suite of C.A.T Manager features, users will need to complete the registration process. This only needs to be performed once.

Registration allows all operators to:

  • Perform an eCert™ and print a Certificate.
  • Retrieve Original Factory Calibration Certificate and previous eCert Calibration Certificates.

Advance account operators can also:

  • Amend the C.A.T4 Configuration Settings.
  • Personalise the connected unit with Plant Number and Free Text Fields.
  • Delete usage data from eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series products.

Registering a C.A.T Manager Account

To register using C.A.T Manager, you must have a live internet connection

  1. Press the Sign In button on the C.A.T Manager toolbar
  2. Either Login if you are a returning user, or click ‘Sign Up Here’ if you are a new user and fill in the required fields.

Your C.A.T Manager Account user name should be a working email address to enable the eCert process. Radiodetection will not use this email address to contact you unless you specifically request it.

Signing In to Your Account

Once registered, press the Sign In button on the C.A.T Manager toolbar to sign in to your account. You can use the same login on any PC where C.A.T Manager has been installed.

IMPORTANT: For convenience, an account will remain logged in until the Sign Out button is pressed.

Signing Out of Your Account

For enhanced security, or if multiple accounts are to be used on a single PC, you should Sign Out when a working session is finished.

If you wish to log out of your C.A.T Manager Account, press the Sign Out button on the C.A.T Manager toolbar.

eCert Credits and User Accounts

To run an eCert certification, you must have eCert credits available on your account. To purchase eCert credits, contact your local Radiodetection office or Radiodetection Approved Distributor. To assign credits to your account you will need to provide the sales team with the registered e-mail address.

A confirmation email shall be sent after purchase of eCert credits.

Advanced Accounts

In addition to the Standard user account, there are 2 C.A.T Manager levels available to provide additional capability.


Advanced Account

C.A.T Manager provides the user with option of configuring their locator and setting the configuration schedule.

This is done via the Configuration Screen and is only available to Advanced or Super users.


Super Account

The eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series products incorporate a large data storage facility designed to offer at least one year of data log capacity. In some circumstances C.A.T operators may wish to be able to delete usage data from a datalogging product.

This is done via the Data Log Screen and is only available to Super users.


Requesting an Upgrade

Please contact your local Radiodetection office or Radiodetection Approved Distributor to upgrade to an advanced or super account. You will need to provide the email address associated with your account. There is no charge for the upgrade.

Please note: Once a C.A.T Manager Account is upgraded, Radiodetection strongly recommend that care is taken to prevent unauthorized access to that account.

Radiodetection cannot accept responsibility for safeguarding the data stored on datalogging C.A.T4 products and strongly recommends that data is regularly backed up to a PC using C.A.T Manager.

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