How to set up and use RD Map+ & Trimble Catalyst DA2

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Follow the steps below, in the order provided, for a trouble-free set up of RD Map+ and the Catalyst DA2 and to ensure you get the best from your operations.

Getting Ready

Setting up your RD Map+ & Trimble Catalyst DA2 kit is best done before you head out to conduct a survey.

Ensure you meet the prerequisites outlined below before proceeding.


RD Map+ Prerequisites


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  1. Install RD Map+
  2. Obtain and activate an RD Map+Premium License


Trimble Catalyst DA2 Prerequisites


Prepare your Precision Locator


Setup RD Map+ to use your Trimble Catalyst DA2 as the External GNSS source


Using RD Map+ with your Trimble Catalyst DA2


Trimble Kit mounted 02 WHITE cropped small.png
  1. Mount your RD Map+ and Trimble Catalyst DA2 kit to your locator
  2. Connect your Trimble Catalyst DA2 to the battery and turn the Bluetooth ON
  3. Setup your job and start a utility survey
  4. Wait for RD Map+ to connect to your Trimble Catalyst DA2 (External GNSS status)
  5. If required start an On Demand Hour to obtain higher accuracy position measurements
  6. Conduct your survey, as your would normally do. Take survey measurement points at regular intervals by pressing the graph key survey key.png.
    RD Map+ will create the utility map in real time.
    You can make corrections if you need to
  7. Close your survey and job
  8. Disconnect the usb cable from the battery
  9. Share your job


Trimble Kit Dimensions.PNG


NOTE: The GNSS and Phone holder kit positions the DA2 antenna in line with the center of your locator, roughly 21cm in front of it, as shown in the image above.
When you take a survey measurement, the position (latitude and longitude) obtained from the DA2 are, therefore, 21 cm in front of the bottom of your locator. Take care to verify that your locator is in line with the utility you are surveying using the locator's compass