How to register your Radiodetection Product for the Extended Warranty.


Methods of registering your Radiodetection products for the Extended Warranty

There are 2 ways in which to register your Radiodetection products for the extended warranty.

1) Radiodetection Online Portal

Visit to create your portal Guest account, next create a company account* and use the Product page to register your locator or transmitter.


'How to create a guest account' video:

'How to create a company account' video:

'Managing your Radiodetection products' article.

'Registering your gCAT4 via the CAT Manager mobile app' article. (If applicable)

* A valid e-mail address and mobile number are required.

**Languages: Currently Available: English. 


Eligible products for Online Portal registration.

  • C.A.T4 and Genny4 product range
  • RD7200 and RD8200 Product range
  • RD7100 and RD8100 Locator and Marker locator range.
  • TX product Range
  • PCMx Locator




2) RD Manager™ Windows Application (Compatible with all versions of Windows***)

*Administrator privileges are required to install RD Manager

***Windows XP onward


Eligible Products for RD Manager registration

  • RD7000+M and RD8000M product range
  • RD7100 and RD8100 Locator and Marker locator range.


Software Download page:

Once installed, create an account within the application by selecting ‘Sign In’ at the top left of the screen.

Sign in option

And then select: Sign Up Here.

Sign up here option

Followed by registering your products as the illustration below. Account screen/Extended Warranty tab/Register.

Register products option



Enter the serial number of unit then click on the Register button. Your product will then appear int he Extended Warranty list window.


Extended Warranty list

Registration is then complete.


To select a preferred language option, go to Tool icon/Options/Select Current Language

Select Language option

**Languages: Currently Available: English, French & Spanish.

Further information on RD Manager™ accounts:






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