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C.A.T Manager Online - Mobile app is part the C.A.T Manager Online systems, allowing Radiodetection’s gC.A.T4 users to transmit automatically their locate data to the C.A.T Manager server to be analysed and stored.

The C.A.T Manager online system helps health and safety operatives to quickly identify training needs and to promote correct behaviours thus improving operators’ safety and reducing damages to underground utilities.

Immediate feedback to the operator also helps improving locating procedures and adherence to company locating practises.

C.A.T Manager Online – Mobile is a free App available for android and iOS devices from Google’s Play Store and Apple's App Store.

C.A.T .Manager Online for Android and iOS have the same look and feel and work in the same way. Any significant difference is highlighted.

To be able to use it you will need a valid C.A.T Manager account. You can obtain this from your manager/supervisor or company’s administrator.


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