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The C.A.T Manager home screen is the main app’s screen. 

The home screen offers 2 commands buttons: a Menu button on the top left corner and a Start/Stop Survey button in the bottom left corner.

The screens is split into 2 sections:

  1. C.A.T window

    This window lets you access the C.A.T locators screen to manage your gC.A.T4 devices and gives you feedback on the connected gC.A.T4 when there is an active Bluetooth connection.

  2. Information window

This window gives feedback about the app’s operation.


The 3 scan counters provide immediate feedback on the data flow:

  • Green   = number of scans successfully transferred to the server
  • Orange = number of scans received and/or pending
  • Red      = number of scans which have failed to transfer

The orange counter increases with each scan data received from the gC.A.T4.

As the scans are transferred to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud, the orange counter decreases as the green increase.

The red counter shows how many have failed to transfer. This number should be zero. Raise a ticket if you are experiencing any errors.