Registering your gC.A.T4

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If required you can register your C.A.T locator using the C.A.T Manager app.

To register you C.A.T locator: 

  1. Select the menu icon on the top right corner of the home screen
  2. Select Register C.A.T
  3. The C.A.T registration screen will appear
  4. To register the last C.A.T connected to the app click on the Register – Serial:10/C4xxxx-x and skip to step 8


    To register an unknown/unpaired C.A.T you can press the SCAN BARCODE button to use your device camera

  5. Point the camera at the serial number barcode of the C.A.T you wish to register. This can be found on the label above the battery compartment.

  6. Hold the camera at around 10cm from it, ensuring the barcode is inside the clear box

    When the barcode has been acquired, the C.A.T Manager mobile app will display a solid picture with the full serial number decoded at the bottom of it

  7. Press the X icon at the screen’s top right corner to re-scan the barcode or press the Ö icon to proceed with the registration

  8. Check the details and press CONFIRM REGISTRATION
  9. The system will confirm if the registration was successful or not