Obtaining your C.A.T Calibration Certificated

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You can use the C.A.T Manager Online app to reproduce the C.A.T Factory Calibration certificate of the paired gC.A.T4 locator.

NOTE: Calibration certificates for C.A.T devices validated using the eCERT calibration system are not available through C.A.T Manager mobile.

To reproduce the calibration certificate of your paired C.A.T: 

  1. Select the menu icon on the top left corner of the home screen
  2. Select Calibration Certificate
  3. The Factory Calibration Certificate screen will appear

  5. Start and stop your C.A.T locator by pulling the trigger, wait for the unit to start, and release the trigger

  6. Once ready, the calibration will appear on the bottom part of the screen, from where you can browse it
  7. If you need to share the document click on the Share icon at the bottom left corner of the screen

    Use the share interface to distribute it by using the app of your choice. For example you can use Gmail to e-mail it to the site manager or health and safety official, if requested.

  8. If you are using an android device you can use at any time a file manager app, such as Total Commander shown in the example below, of your choice to navigate to the Certificates folder, and browse and manage all existing certificate stored on your android device