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At the end of a survey or of a day work, field operators can use C.A.T Manager to review their work.

NOTE: A working data connection is required to use this features.


To obtain feedback about your survey(s): 


  1. Select the menu icon on the top right corner of the home screen

  2. Select Feedback

  3. The C.A.T Manager app will retrieve feedback for all the scans and surveys completed on the day

    Each mode overall use (duration) is compared to the overall usage during the specific survey or day. Colour scoring follows the following table:

  4. Swipe the screen right or left to navigate all your surveys

    NOTE: feedback is only provided for the surveys conducted on that day. To review your work performance for other days, Sign In into the Radiodetection Portal ( and use the C.A.T Manager online web app.

    Good Genny signal provides feedback on whether a significant Genny signal was received by the locator when used in the correct modes: If scored red or green depending on whether a signal with a strength above 10% of the full scale on the display, was received or not:

WARNING: Scans and surveys scoring feedback provided by the C.A.T Manager online system is intended to be used for reference only. It cannot be used as an indication of the true performance of the operators and the quality of their surveys. You should always analyse all scans details and keep in consideration the type of survey been carried out and the nature of the location.