C.A.Ts’ usage history and last known status

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The C.A.T Manager app maintains a detailed usage history for all the gC.A.Ts connected since you logged in.

NOTE: The usage history will be deleted if you sign out from the C.A.T Manager app.

To access the app usage history: 

  1. Select the menu icon on the top left corner of the home screen
  2. Select Usage History

    The Usage History screen will list all the C.A.Ts, sorted by their serial number, you have used since login into the C.A.T Manager app
  3. Select a C.A.T to look at all its scans

    The Scans history screen will show all the scans sorted by date and time in descending order

  4. Click on the sort button to toggle between descending and ascending order

  5. Click on the mode button to cycle the scan filter through Power, Radio, Genny and Avoidance modes

    NOTE: If a single scan was conducted using 2 modes, for example Power and Radio, this scan will appear in both filters.

  6. Click on any scan to see more details:
    • Min and Max sensitivity
    • Number of Swing warnings
    • Scan duration in seconds
    • App and C.A.T location (GPS) status and accuracy

  7. Click on the setting button to review the status of your C.A.T4 the last time it was connected to the C.A.T Manager app

    The C.A.T Status screen shows configuration, calibration and other status information

    On the Usage History screen for each different C.A.,T the app indicates the status of the scans upload to the server by showing 4 numbers: Successful / Pending / Failed / Duplicate

    Successful      Uploaded to the C.A.T Manager online server

    Pending           Attempting to upload data to the C.A.T Manager online server

    Failed              The data has failed to upload to the C.A.T Manager Online server

    Duplicate         The scans data is already present in the server

  8. Select the 4 numbers to see a broken down view of the scan upload to the server status.

    If you have failed uploads, press Retry to attempt the data upload again