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The Radiodetection Portal is the user’s gateway to Radiodetection’s cloud based advanced features and managing tools.

The portal enables Radiodetection’s users to:

  • register their locator and transmitter products
  • review and export, as CSV file, all their register products, their calibration status (if relevant) and who last used a gC.A.T4 locator with the C.A.T Manager Online mobile app.
  • subscribe to and use cloud based products such as C.A.T Manager Online
  • add and manage company users
  • organise field operators in Areas and Depots and create Account and Contracts


The portal will continue to grow and add new and exciting functionalities and features to further enhance all Radiodetection’s products.


NOTE: The features offered by the Radiodetection Portal depend on your location, compatibility of your Radiodetection’s product and by the subscription level chosen.