Create a Company Account

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Guest users can easily create a Radiodetection Portal account for their company:




NOTE: Before creating a company account you must ensure you are authorised to do so. Please consult you HR department or line manager if you are not sure of this.

  1. Sign in into your guest account
  2. Your portal home page will open


Enter your details

3. Select Account Management Company Registration

The Company Creation Wizard’s User Details tab will be selected

4. Enter your details. All fields marked with a red * are mandatory

NOTE: Make sure you enter a valid mobile number (including the country code) as this will be used to send a validation code from Radiodetection. This is required to complete the registration.


Enter your company details

5. Press Next to enter your company details


Validate your mobile number

6. Press Next to validate your mobile number



7. Press Send Code

You will receive a text message (SMS) contacting a 6 digit authorisation code on the mobile number you have provided.

If you do not receive your code within 2 minutes, navigate back to the User details tab and check the number provided.

8. Enter the code in the box and press Next to complete your registration

NOTE: The authorization code has a 10 minutes validity.


Accept terms and conditions

9. Read and agree all the terms and conditions and press Submit to complete the Company Creation process.


10. If successful the Portal Home Screen will appear. Your company name will be shown at the top of the screen. You will also receive a welcome message e-mail: Check your e-mail account.

11. If the process has failed you will receive an error message. Please check that all the required fields have been completed and if your company account has already been created.

NOTE: If your details have already been used for the creation of a different company you will not be able to create a new company.

If you have made a mistake or if you believe that someone else is using your company name we recommend you contact Radiodetection immediately by writing to adding the error message you have received.