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NOTE: You may not have access to the Users feature or to all the functionality described in this section.


  1. Users types and hierarchy 
  2. Users overview screen
  3. Create users
  4. Set up user privileges
  5. Edit users details and roles / unblock or deactivate accounts / reset password
  6. Delete a User
  7. Review users’ history


Users types and hierarchy

Company users are organised in a hierarchical structure as follows:


Main User      

This is a single user with overall control of the entire company account. By default this is the person who created the Company account. Main users can only be changed by the Radiodetection support team

Administrator     One or more company administrators that can manage the account and create other company users
Manager/Supervisor     One or more team or project supervisors, managing one or more field operators. They can be authorised to create more field operators
Field Operator     One or more field users. They can use a mobile app and may log into the portal to review their performance

Each user can be granted the privilege to be able to use a mobile app, such as C.A.T Manager mobile for Android or iOS.

Users Overview Screen

Company users can easily be created, organised and managed by authorised users by navigating to the Overview screen:

The Overview screen displays all the existing users and their roles for your company. This screen also shows the status of their account if Not Active or Locked.


Available commands


Command Description

Search Filter

Add a name or part of it  and press the search button



Use this to obtain the latest history for your company users


Add a User


Sorting order

Use this to sort the users into alphabetical ascending or descending order



Press this to edit the user details



Use this to manage user’s privileges


User History    

Use this to review the user upload history (Pro and Advanced subscriptions only)



Use this to delete a user


 Create users

Creating a user is subject to the following, role based rules:


Main User

Able to create and manage all company users



Able to create and manage Administrators, Manager/Supervisor and Field Operator users



Able to create and manage Field Operators, if authorised to do so by an Administrator or the Main User


To create a company user:

  1. Press the Create user button to access the Create user form

  1. Fill the form as required. All fields marked with a red * are mandatory

NOTE Mandatory fields vary depending on the user role.

  1. If required you can expand the Address field
  2. Select the user role: Administrator, Manager/Supervisor or Field Operator
  3. If creating a field operator select his Supervisor
  4. Area and Depot operator (only available on the Pro account) are mandatory fields if the user is a field operator. Default is the only choice available if areas and depot have not been defined.


     7.Enter or modify the Username (this will be set automatically to match the e-mail address if present)

  1. Username rules:

    • Must only contain letters (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-), apostrophes ('), underscores (_), e-mail (@) and periods (.)
    • Cannot contain more than one period (.) in a row
    • Cannot start or finish with a period (.)
    • Must be less than 50 characters


     8. Indicate if you want the system to automatically generate and e-mail a temporary password for the user (Send by e-mail - this requires a valid e-mail address) or if you want to enter one manually (Create now)

Password rules:

Must be at least 8 characters in length.

Must contain any 2 characters from all of the following categories:

  • English uppercase characters (A - Z).
  • English lowercase characters (a - z).
  • Base 10 digits (0 - 9).
  • Non alphanumeric characters (for example, !, $, #,%)


  1. Press Create

NOTE: The user will be prompted to change the password at the first use of the login details

Set up user privileges


Users can be assigned privileges such to become a C.A.T Manager mobile app user or in the case of a supervisor to be able to create and manage field operators.

In the Users Overview screen:



To assign or remove user privileges to a user:

  1. Click on the User Privilege button for the user you want to edit
  2. Enable or Disable privileges

NOTE: Pro subscription is based on a fixed number of concurrent active C.A.T Manager mobile users. You may not be able to set the C.A.T Manager mobile user privilege if this limit has been reached.

  1. Press Save or Cancel


Edit users details and roles / unblock or deactivate accounts / reset password

By pressing the Edit User button you will be able to access the details for the selected user:


  1. Click on the Edit button for the user you want to edit.
  2. Review and amend the required user fields.
  3. Uncheck the Account active, if you wish to stop the user using the Radiodetection Portal and the C.A.T Manager Online system.
  4. Press Reset to reset the user’s password and enter a new password
    If the selected account is locked because of 5 consecutive attempts to log in with a wrong password or if the user has forgotten his/her password you can reset the password to unlock  it.

     5. Press Save to confirm the changes or Cancel to exit

Delete a company user

You can use the Delete User button, to delete a specific user account from your company list of users.

NOTE: Users may not be completely deleted from your account to enable traceability.

  1. Click on the Delete User button for the user you want to delete
  2. Press Delete to confirm your request or Cancel

Reviewing users’ history


Users Overview tab

The History Screen allow authorised users to access the User – Radiodetection Portal interaction history:

  1. Click the History button for a user

The user history window gives you an overview of the last user’s interaction with the Radiodetection portal and some of his mobile apps.

It also provides an overview of the number of web sign in and C.A.T scans for the last 4, Monday to Sunday, full weeks.

NOTE: This functionality is only for the Pro account. For more information on how to subscribe contact your local Radiodetection sales representative or write to us at


The Users’ Activity History screen enables authorized users to check and troubleshoot for company’s users’ sign in operations and errors: 

Users Activity History Tab


  1. Click Refresh to update the screen with the latest errors.
  2. Use the Date boxes to filter for specific dates.