Portal Subscriptions - Overview

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The Radiodetection Portal offers 2 subscription levels:

  • Basic

  • Pro

When a Radiodetection account is created for a company, this is automatically subscribed to the Basic subscription level.

The Basic subscription is free of charge and offer users the ability to manage their products and access the standard features of the C.A.T Manager Online.

For more information about C.A.T Manager Online and the different subscription features refer to the C.A.T Manager Online Operation Manual

The Subscriptions overview screen, available only to main user and administrators, gives access to a list of all the subscriptions active for a company.


The Basic subscription level is free of charge and you can start using it immediately. Please refer to the C.A.T Manager online Operation Manual for further information.

If you wish to discuss or upgrade to another subscription level, click on the Subscription upgrade request.

The system will automatically contact a member of the Radiodetection Sales team who will contact you shortly.

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