Accounts and Contracts

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  1. Overview
  2. Creating an account
  3. Creating a contract
  4. Edit an account or contract
  5. Delete account or contract 



Companies subscribing to the Pro account can organise surveying operations into accounts and contracts. This functionality aids filtering and reporting on the performance of the field operators when using the C.A.T Manager online system.

Consult the C.A.T Manager mobile user guide for more information on how to use Account and Contracts in the field.

NOTE: This functionality is only for the Pro account. For more information on how to subscribe contact your local Radiodetection sales representative or write to us at


This functionality is available for the company's main user and administrators. Managers/supervisors may have access to this function if authorised, by setting the relevant privileges.

If available, you will be able to define 1 or more Accounts, and for each Account define 1 or more Contracts.



The Accounts & Contracts screen lets you manage your company’s accounts and contracts.


Creating an account

  1. Click on the Create an Account button
  2. Enter the Account Name
  3. Enter an optional Description
  4. Select Create or Cancel

NOTE: Active Account must have at least one active contract. When creating an Account, this will not be active until a Contract has been created and made active.


Creating a contract:

  1. Identify the Account you want to add a contract to


2. Click on the Create a Contract button

3. Enter the Contract Name

4. Enter an optional Description

5. Select Create or Cancel

NOTE: Contracts are created as inactive. To use a Contract you must activate it first.




You can use the Expand/Collapse button on the table header or on the Account rows to show or hide the Contracts.




Edit an account or contract

  1. Identify the Account or Contract you want to edit.
  2. Click on the Edit button and amend as required. 


  1. Activate or de-activate a Contract.

    Contracts are not active when created. To start using one you must activate it first

    When activating a Contract the corresponding Account will be activated

    You can de-activate a Contract to prevent it being used

    If you de-activate the last active Contract the associated Account will be de-activated

    NOTE: Active Accounts must have at least one active contract. If de-activating the last active Contract of an active Account, this will be de-activated as well. To de-activate an active Account you must de-active all its Contracts 

  2. Press Save or Cancel


Delete Account or Contract 

  1. Identify the Account or Contact you want to delete
  2. Click on the Delete button
  3. Press Delete or Cancel

NOTE: Contracts with data associated to them cannot be deleted but just made in-active.