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gC.A.T 4 units are equipped with an internal recorder which records every second of usage and automatically stores all the locate parameters of your C.A.T and your location (if locked into a GPS signal) into non-removable built-in memory.

The large memory capacity of the gC.A.T4, will be able to store 2 years or more of usage data (based on 8 hours per day, 5 days per week).

If you are running the C.A.T Manager Online mobile app and if you have successfully signed in, this will run in the background automatically retrieving the gC.A.T4 logged data every time you complete a scan (release the trigger).

NOTE: The app does not delete the data stored in the gC.A.T4.

When you release the trigger, the gC.A.T4 will remain on for at least 1 minute searching for a nearby paired device. If your C.A.T Manager mobile app is running, the locator will connect to it. Its screen will display a fixed Bluetooth icon for the duration of the data transfer.

The gC.A.T4 will turn itself off as soon the data transfer is complete.

If your mobile device has an active data connection, the logged data will be sent to the C.A.T Manager Online server where it will be stored and analysed.

If your mobile device does not have a live data connection, the data will be stored and transmitted as soon as a working connection is available.

NOTE: Your mobile device needs to be paired to the gC.A.T4 you are using. The data transfer of one single scan between your C.A.T and your mobile device is very quick, so it is normal to see your C.A.T turn off after less than 1 minute.

WARNING: If you are sharing a gC.A.T4 with other operators, make sure that all your scans been correctly uploaded to the server against your account, before handing the gC.A.T4 to the next operator.

When the C.A.T manager app connects to the gC.A.T4 it checks for the last known scan by the server for the specific gC.A.T4. If this is an unknown unit or if it has not been synchronised for a while (for example if you did not have the app running or forgot your mobile device), the app will retrieve up to 10 working days of scans history from the gC.A.T4 internal memory and transmit it to the server. For example, (refer to the calendar below):

  • Today is the 19th and you connecting to your gC.A.T4 for the first time.
  • Your gC.A.T4 is unknown to the C.A.T Manager Online server, or it has not be synchronised for more than 10 working days
  • The app will retrieve the data for the 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 15th,16th and 17th and send them to the server.

NOTE: Data over 10 working days old and not uploaded via the app, will require manual export through the C.A.T Manager PC application.

During a data transfer the C.A.T section of the home screen shows the different phases:

When the transfer is completed, the C.A.T section will report that there are no C.A.T connected, and will continue display some feedback information about the last gC.A.T4 connected.

The C.A.T window will turn back into its “waiting for a connection” status after a short while.

The information window gives up-to-date feedback about the connection to the C.A.T Manager Online server:


The 3 scan counters provide immediate feedback on the data flow:

  • Green   = number of scans successfully transferred to the server
  • Orange = number of scans received and/or pending
  • Red      = number of scans which have failed to transfer

The orange counter increases with each scan data received from the gC.A.T4.

As the scans are transferred to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud, the orange counter decreases as the green increase.

The red counter shows how many have failed to transfer. This number should be zero. Raise a ticket if you are experiencing any errors.