Monitoring C.A.T Manager Online Mobile status

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The C.A.T manager column in the overview screen provides up-to-date information about the status of the app running on the C.A.T operator’s mobile device.



If the user’s app is running on the end user’s mobile device, it sends a status report to the cloud server every 30 minutes.

The C.A.T manager column provides the time elapse since the last status report or data connection for a standard survey data. The data is characterised using a traffic light system:

The system reports as Unknown, in purple, all users that have not used the app at least once:

A warning symbol is displayed if there are further information, such as using an older version of the app. Use the mouse to hover on the warning symbol to display the message:


  • Bluetooth not available 
  • No locators paired 
  • The operator has not updated the Android App to version 1.2.2
  • The operator has not updated the iPhone/iPad App to version 1.2.3


NOTE: C.A.T Manager Online mobile app send a status update every 30 minutes, if the mobile device has a working data connection. The C.A.T Manager timer is updated every time the cloud system communicates with the mobile device. Warning messages are only updated by a status update resulting in a possible temporary discrepancy between the warning message and the timer status.