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    1. Overview
    2. Automatic Survey grouping
    3. Manual Survey creation
    4. Editing a survey


C.A.Ts and Gennys are used to survey an area prior and during an excavation. Depending on the complexity of the area surveyed it is normal for C.A.T operators to perform a large number of scans in different modes.

All the scans preformed to survey an area are grouped into a single Survey.

Automatic Survey grouping

The C.A.T Manager Online system automatically groups different scans into survey as they are received.

The system looks at time difference and distance between subsequent scans. Scans which are within 30 minutes or 30m apart are considered part of the same survey.

Manual Survey creation

C.A.T field operators can start and stop a survey manually to ensure that only the correct scans are part of the survey being conducted and which will be monitored and analysed by their supervisor.

For example if before starting a survey, the gC.A.T4 is tested in different modes and with its Genny in the same area in which the survey will be conducted, these “test” scans may be considered as a part of the same survey by the C.A.T Manager Online system.

Refer to the C.A.T Manager Online –Mobile for further information on how to start and stop a survey using a Android or iOS mobile device.

Editing Surveys

You can edit a survey by using the overview table:


      1. Click on the previous or next day buttons to show scans from these days

NOTE: The calendar buttons will only work if there are scans data on a contiguous day.

      1. Select all the scans on the table which belong to the same survey by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard and left-click with the mouse
      2. Press the Merge scans button to group all the scans in a new survey or Cancel

NOTE: The survey numbers are automatically changed to take into account the changes applied

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