Creating a survey report

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  2. Survey report structure 



Once you have reviewed all the scans and the surveys for a specific day you may want to download a report for a specific survey:

  1. Press the Download PDF button. The Report generation window will appear

  2. Enter a Title and a Description
  3. Select a Survey
  4. Press Generate

    Note the status message at the bottom right corner of your web browser
  5. Depending on your security settings the report will be automatically downloaded

  1. Press Close to exit the Report generation window

Survey report structure

The PDF report can be found in the default download folder. The default name is

pdfReport_dd-mm-yy hh-mm-ss.pdf

where dd-mm-yy hh-mm-ss are the date and time of when the report was generated.

NOTE: You need a PDF viewer to open and review the report.

Depending on the size and presence of location data the report may comprise of more than one sections:

The first section is the summary overview for the specific survey


The next section is available only for scans with location (GPS) coordinates, and provides a more detailed overview of the single scan alongside a map showing the scan location. Latitude and Longitude are also provided