C.A.T Manager: (Unable to Connect to Web) Error Message

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Due to many companies PC security once a user has downloaded CAT Manager, IT restrictions do not allow the user to connect to the web through the CAT Manager PC tool. The message pad displays "Unable to connect to web" and also the internet connection icon  in the bottom left hand corned is greyed out.

Your local IT support will need to make sure your PC can do the following:

The new environment is running over HTTPS and connects through port 443 (the default for HTTPS). So the details below should be:

For CAT Manager 6.10 (released 30th Jan 2018) and later versions after this date.

Note: All the Managers (ie: RD Manager and PCM Manager) use the same URL (i.e. https://secure.radiodetection.com) and therefore the same IP address and port.