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About the Configuration tab

This tab is only visible on ‘Advanced User’ accounts, as it involves changing the operation and functionality of C.A.T4 locators. Untrained staff changing these settings could affect the operation and safety of the locator. Upgrading to an ‘Advanced User’ account is free of charge and can be organised by the local sales team.

This screen allows you to personalise the settings of a C.A.T4 series product. You can update the unit details (plant number, free text field), enable and disable various features (depending on account status) and adjust various system parameters.


Calibration Schedule


The CALSafe option (eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series only) can be set to prevent the unit from operating outside the defined service/calibration period, helping to ensure compliance with individual company policies.

CALSafe can be enabled or disabled in the Configuration Screen

The Date on which a Calibration warning is shown can be configured to match individual requirements. eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series products provide the operator with a variable-day countdown reminder to the next Calibration Due Date. Please note that Radiodetection recommend Calibration at least annually.



Unit Identity

The following fields can be used to personalise an eC.A.T4 series product:

  • Plant Number – up to 16 characters to insert you own identifier for the unit, such as a fleet or plant number.
  • Free Text – up to 70 characters to insert any desired details, for example the operators name, or the contract to which the unit is assigned.


Strike Alert

Warning provided when a potential shallow cable is detected.


SWING Warning

Warning provided when a C.A.T is swung around too fast for an effective survey.


Depth Units

Select metric (metres) or Imperial (feet) for depth display (if feature is available), select None to disable the depth feature.



Enable or disable Bluetooth communication for external Radiodetection application.


RTC Shutdown

Enabling this option will not allow the operator to use a C.A.T where a failure within the RTC (real-time clock) has been detected.


Enable or disable the GPS functionality (if feature is available on the model).

GPS Lock Seek* Limits the time the locator will take attempting to obtain a GPS lock.

GPS Remain On* Limits the time the GPS system should stay on for following the release of the power trigger.

SBAS Enable or disable SBAS (GPS Space-based Augmentation Systems) for enhanced GPS accuracy.

GPS Reset Resets the GPS options to factory defaults.


*These settings can have an adverse effect on the battery life of the unit.