C.A.T4 and Genny4: Main Features overview

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C.A.T4 Locator Features

  1. On/Off Trigger
    Press and hold to use the C.A.T4
  2. LCD Screen and Depth button
    Displays signal level and status information
  3. Loudspeaker
    Detachable speaker for use in noisy environments
  4. Sensitivity Control
  5. Function Switch
    Selects locate mode
  6. Battery compartment
C.A.T4 features


C.A.T4 Screen Features

The C.A.T4 screen displays the following features:


C.A.T4 screen

NOTE: The screen in gC.A.T4 models may remain active for up to 30 min, depending on the locator's settings. Refer to the GPS/GNSS Operation paragraph for further info.


C.A.T4 Speaker

When using the C.A.T4 in noisy environments, the speaker can be detached and held closer to the ear.

To avoid excessive noise exposure, hold the speaker no closer than 15cm (6") from the ear. Prolonged use in this position should be avoided.

audio level icon


Genny4 Transmitter Feature

  1. On/Off button.
    Press to switch On and Off. Hold down when switching on to reduce volume.
  2. Signal Boost Button. Press to boost locate signal strength; press again to return to standard power. Genny4 starts-up in standard signal strength mode.
  3. Signal Boost LED.
    LED lit when high signal strength power level selected. Flashing LED indicates low battery level.
  4. Accessory socket
  5. Loudspeaker
  6. Battery compartment
  7. Accessory storage compartment
Genny4 features

Genny4 signals can be detected by all previous 33 kHz C.A.T models including C.A.T3

C.A.T4 will also locate Genny3 signals.

Genny4 provides a second locate signal alongside the 33kHz signal which can be located by C.A.T4 to assist in locating smaller cables and spurs. Previous C.A.T models are not designed to locate this signal.

Using the Genny4

The Genny4 is used to actively apply a locate signal to pipes or cables. This signal can be traced using the C.A.T4 locator in either Avoidance Mode or Genny mode. Use of the Genny is strongly recommended, as passive power or radio signals may not be present, or detectable, on all pipes and cables.

Signal Boost Mode

The Signal Boost button will increase the output signal level to give better signal on the pipe or cable, and may increase the useable locate distance from the Genny4. In Signal Boost mode the Signal Boost LED will light. The Signal Boost switch toggles between high and normal output.