C.A.T4 and Genny4: Locating Methods 2

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The optional Signal Clamps can be used to apply the Genny4 locate signal safely to a pipe or cable up to 215mm in diameter without interrupting the supply. Signal clamps are not suitable for connecting around lamp posts.

Plug the Clamp into the Genny4 accessory socket. Place the Clamp around the pipe or cable ensuring the jaws are completely closed. Switch the Genny4 on then open and close the Clamp. If the jaws are closing correctly there will be a change in tone as the jaws are closed.

signal clamp

An earth connection from the Genny4 is not necessary but optimal signal transfer is only generally achieved if the target line is grounded at both ends. This is usually the case with power cables.


clamp connection

Use the C.A.T4 to scan the area for the target pipes or cables (see ‘Locating with C.A.T4’).



Induction is a convenient and quick way of applying the Genny4 locate signal to a pipe or cable where limited access does not permit the use of Direct Connection or Signal Clamping.

Place the Genny4 over the assumed position of the conductor and in-line with its assumed direction. Move at least 10m away and use the C.A.T to scan for pipes and cables (see ‘Locating with C.A.T4’). Working too close to the Genny4 may give false readings as the C.A.T4 will detect airborne signals directly from the Genny4 rather than the target line. For best results, repeat the scan with the Genny facing at 90˚ to the first scan position.


signal induction


Locating with C.A.T4


Radiodetection recommends that you perform a daily functional test on your C.A.T4 and Genny4 before use.

  • Place the Genny on the ground, switch on and check for an audible sound. If no sound is heard or the low battery warning light is flashing, replace the batteries before use.
  • Switch on the C.A.T by squeezing the trigger, checking for an initial ‘chirp.’ A low tone indicates low batteries. If no sound is heard, replace the batteries before use.
  • Rotate the C.A.T function switch and check that the appropriate letter is displayed in each position of the switch.
  • Set the C.A.T to Genny mode at maximum sensitivity, hold at waist height pointing toward the Genny with the flattest part of the housing parallel to the ground and check that the C.A.T can detect the Genny up to 15m away with a clearly audible sound.