C.A.T Manager - PC User Accounts



There are 3 distinct users accounts:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Super


By registering using C.A.T Manager, users will become standard users and be able to

  • Perform an eCert™ and print a Certificate
  • Retrieve Original Factory Calibration Certificate and previous eCert Calibration Certificates

Advanced Account

By upgrading to an Advanced user account, in addition to the functionalities offered by a standard account users will be able to:

  • Amend the C.A.T4 Configuration Settings
  • Personalise the connected unit with Plant Number and Free Text Fields
  • Delete usage data from eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 series products

Super Account

Upgrading to a Super account will allow operators to delete usage data from a data logging eC.A.T4 or gC.A.T4


Requesting an Upgrade

Write to us or create a ticket to request an upgrade to an advanced or super account. You will need to provide the email address associated with your account. There is no charge for the upgrade but we may need to contact you to validate your account and verify that you are entitle to be upgraded.

Note: Once a C.A.T Manager Account is upgraded, Radiodetection strongly recommend that care is taken to prevent unauthorised access to that account.


Radiodetection cannot accept responsibility for safeguarding the data stored on datalogging C.A.T4 products and strongly recommends that data is regularly backed up to a PC using C.A.T Manager.

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