Setting up your Trimble Catalyst DA2 and Locator mount kit

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NOTE: This kit is only available for sale in North America. If you are not based in this area you will need to purchase the Catalyst and the USB battery from your local Trimble distributor.

If you have purchased the RD Map+  and Trimble Catalyst DA2 kit you will have received the following parts:.





  1. RD Tool bag
  2. Battery sleeve
  3. USB Battery and cable
  4. Catalyst DA2 
  5. Phone and GNSS holder


NOTE: The GNSS & phone holder kit is already assembled with the battery mount attached to it

Attach the USB battery and Catalyst DA2 to the holder

  1. Insert the USB battery in its protective sleeve and attach it to the battery mount using the rubber bands
  2. Fit the Catalyst onto the yellow push fit mount
  3. When using the Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver, connect the USB cable to the battery and close the sleeve

NOTE: Keep the USB cable disconnected when you are not using the catalyst as this will continue to consume power even if Bluetooth connectivity is off

Trimble kit view 1.PNG


To attach the GNSS and Phone holder kit to your locator

  1.  Insert the mount bracket locating pins in the mounting holes at the back of the locator screen.
  2. Loop the rubber o-ring around the locator handle
  3. Stretch the the rubber o-ring over the fixing stud

Trimble Kit Dimensions.PNG


NOTE: The GNSS and Phone holder kit positions the DA2 antenna in line with the center of your locator, roughly 21cm in front of it, as shown in the image above.
When you take a survey measurement, the position (latitude and longitude) obtained from the DA2 are, therefore, 21 cm in front of the bottom of your locator. Take care to verify that your locator is in line with the utility you are surveying using the locator's compass


To remove the GNSS and Phone holder kit from you locator

  1. Remove the o-ring from around the fixing stud.