Setting up RD Map+ to work with a Catalyst DA2

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To set up RD Map+ to work with a Trimble Catalyst DA2 follow the steps below:



  1. Connect the Catalyst DA2 USB cable to the battery and turn Bluetooth® wireless connectivity ON 
  2. Navigate to the side bar
  3. Enter the Settings menu
  4. Scroll to the Position settings and select External GNSS
  5. In the menu select Catalyst DA2 and tap OK
  6. Select Paired devices
  8. Select your Trimble Catalyst DA2, once this becomes available on the list of available Bluetooth devices
  9. Press PAIR to accept the Bluetooth pairing request
  10. Wait for the Catalyst DA2 to appear in the list of paired devices and tap the back button on your Android device
  11. Select Paired devices
  12. Select your Catalyst DA2 and press OK
  13. You have finished setting up RD Map+ to work with your Catalyst DA2.
    Press the back arrow to exit the Settings menu