Using RD Map+ and the Trimble Catalyst DA2

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RD Map+ and the Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver add accurate position measurement to your precision locator surveys to create high accuracy maps of buried utilities whilst locating.



RD Map+ and Catalyst DA2 System Set Up

Note You must have set up RD Map+ and your locator before starting setting up your Trimble catalyst. This guide also assume that you are familiar on how RD Map+ works.

Follow the steps below for a trouble-free set up of RD Map+ and the Catalyst Da2 and to ensure you get the best from your operations.


Step 1 - Set up your Trimble Catalyst DA2 and Locator mount kit


Step 2 - Set up RD Map+ to use the Trimble Catalyst


Step 3 - Ensure you have a valid Catalyst subscription


Step 4 - Install and configure Trimble Mobile Manager App


You are now ready of creating high accurate position measurements to your surveys to create or maintain accurate utility maps.


High accuracy position measurements in a RD Map+ utility survey 


Using a Catalyst 1 On Demand hour

If you have access to Catalyst On Demand hours you can use them to access high accuracy position measurements from your DA2.

Follow the steps below

Annual Catalyst subscription

If you have a valid annual Catalyst subscription and if you have followed the system setup steps above you are ready to use RD Map+ and your Catalyst DA2.

Follow the steps below