Trimble Catalyst DA2 Subscriptions

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The Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver is capable of adding high accuracy position measurements to your utility surveys to create or maintain accurate maps.


The DA2 receiver requires a valid Catalyst subscription to be able to provide consistent, high accuracy position measurements and you can choose the Trimble Catalyst service subscription level that matches your survey position accuracy requirements or the On Demand hourly subscription that provides centimeter-level accuracy down to 1 cm (0.032 ft or 0.39"). 


US, Canadian, British and Irish Customers

United States  Canada United Kingdom FIreland


If you are based in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom or Ireland and have purchased the Catalyst subscription from Radiodetection or one of our distributors, you should have already received your Trimble Catalyst welcome e-mail. 


This welcome e-mail from Trimble lets you create your own Trimble Identity account which will provide you access to your subscription.

If you wish to discuss Catalyst subscriptions, renewals or purchases of Catalyst on Demand hours you can contact a member of our sales team here. They will reply directly or put you in contact with the distributor in your area. 


All other markets and further info

For all other market areas, or to find out more detailed information about the Trimble Catalyst visit the Trimble Catalyst Help Portal .