Understanding the Warnings on a C.A.T4

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Signal Overload

If the C.A.T4 is used in areas where very large power signals are present, the signal bargraph will flash. In this condition the sensitivity control and depth function will not operate and you are advised to try lifting the C.A.T4 to bring it out of the overloaded condition or use the C.A.T4 in a different location.

signal overload warning


When taking depth readings

conductor out of range icon Conductor out of range.

selected mode does not support depth icon Selected mode does not support depth estimations

not possible to indicate depth icon Not possible to indicate depth eg, high levels of electrical interference.



StrikeAlert iconThe optional StrikeAlert feature warns the operator of shallow pipes and cables. To check if your C.A.T4 has StrikeAlert, look for the StrikeAlert Activation sticker on the side of the C.A.T4.

When a shallow cable or pipe is detected in Power, Genny or Avoidance Mode, StrikeAlert flashes an asterix and sounds a distinctive warbling audio tone. StrikeAlert is not activated when tracing Radio signals.

The unit StrikeAlert status can be changed using C.A.T Manager, and is momentarily displayed at start up:

strikeAlert not active icon Indicates that StrikeAlert is not active

strikeAlert active icon Indicates that StrikeAlert is active


eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models

SWING warning icon.png Warns that a C.A.T is being used too far from the vertical or moved too quickly for reliable cable or pipe location.
calibration countdown icon.png On startup, warns that the C.A.T is due for service in less than 31 days, followed by number of days until service is due.
Cal icon.png If C.A.T is CALSafe™ enabled, the unit is past its calibration due date. Return for immediate service.
All eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models will log warnings when displayed.


Deactivating warnings

If required, for example if it is necessary to locate at an angle, the StrikeAlert and SWING warnings can be temporarily disabled by pressing and holding the depth button for the duration of the battery test bleep at switch on. eC.A.T4 and gC.A.T4 models will log this action.