Troubleshooting - BT error

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Pairing issues (BT error message)


In the event of a BT error message. First power cycle Locator. If the locator continues to give a BT error message, then it is advisable to re-set the BT on the locator.

 To do this go into the locator menu re-set the Bluetooth by following the steps below:

BT icon will flash will it is re-set, and go back to the main user screen.

Unpair the locator from your Android device

 Start the pairing process again as per the RD8200G UG

On the locator:

On your Android device:


BT Code Description
BT001 Bluetooth not configured for this unit
BT002 Internal Bluetooth error
BT003 Locator not paired with transmitter
BT004 Locator not paired with PC / external compatible device
BT005 Paired but connection attempt failed. Power cycling may be required
BT006 Corrupt response received from transmitter
BT007 Indeterminate response received from transmitter
BT008 No response received from transmitter
BT010 Transmission to paired device failure
BT012 No response received from PDA or PC/Phone
BT014 Paired but connection attempt failed with PC/PDA. Retry or Power cycling may be required.
TX?? Transmitter unable to change to the requested frequency