Check Locator Setting (Survey Measurements)

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The RD8200SG locator is capable of recording survey measurements and sending them to an external device using Bluetooth. It is important to make sure that the locator settings are set correctly for sending Survey Measurements, compatibility with mobile apps and use of the internal GNSS antenna.

Check locator settings and send Survey Measurements

The settings on the RD8200SG locator should be correct, but it is worth checking the following settings:

  1. Ensure your paired device is switched on and running a compatible app, for Android.
  2. Check SMLOG COM is ON: SMLOG > COM > ON.
  3. Check SMLOG PROT is set to ASCII 2: SMLOG > PROT > ASCII > 2.
  4. Check GPS is ON: SMLOG > PROT > ASCII > GPS+ > YES.
  5. Check RTK is ON: GPS > RTK > ON.
  6. Check MAG_H is ON: INFO > MAG-H > ON.
  7. Press the Survey key to store and send Survey Measurement to external device.


Erasing Survey Measurements

The RD8200SG locator allows you to delete all Survey Measurements. Erasing the log will wipe the RD8200SG memory but is usually recommended when you begin a new survey.

NOTE: Erasing Survey Measurements cannot be undone.

  1. Set DATA to DEL: SMLOG > DATA > DEL > YES.