Safety Warnings

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Risk of property damage, death, or serious injury may result if buried pipes, and cables are not properly located before digging.

Read and follow all instructions and warnings in the owner’s guide before using the C.A.T4 and Genny4.

Regularly check your C.A.T4 and Genny4, in all modes, over a cable which gives a response you are familiar with.

Some power cables DO NOT radiate detectable power signals.

Power and Radio signals may not be present. It is advisable to use the Genny4 whenever searching for pipes and cables.

Do not use the C.A.T4+/eC.A.T4+/gC.A.T4+ depth estimation function to decide if mechanical digging over a buried conductor is appropriate.

StrikeAlert ™ may not activate even if a live power cable is present.

The presence of ‘StrikeAlert Activated’ or ‘CALSafe Enabled’ labels do not guarantee that the relevant feature is activated.

Keep mobile phones away from cable and pipe locators when in operation. Minimum distance 60cm/24" recommended.

The C.A.T4 cannot indicate whether a signal comes from a single conductor or from several cables or pipes bundled or buried in close proximity to each other.

Call your local support number (available from: for questions regarding the proper use, maintenance, and repair of the C.A.T4 and Genny4.

It is recommended that the C.A.T4 and Genny4 are serviced at least once a year and have their calibration validated using Radiodetection approved test equipment. Radiodetection will accept no responsibility for repairs carried out by unauthorized repairers.

Even if using a C.A.T4 and Genny4, ALWAYS DIG WITH CAUTION.