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What do I need to make the RD8200SG work?

To use the RD8200SG with corrected GNSS positioning to achieve survey grade accuracy, you need: 

  1. RD8200SG locator
  2. Compatible mobile app
  3. Correction service provider
  4. Compatible mobile phone or tablet (requirements depend on mobile app)


Can I use my local (free) correction service provider?

The RD8200SG was designed to work with any correction service provider. Many US states have free correction services available. For a full list for North America, please follow this link: North America - NTRIP-list.

What if I have no internet connection?

Without internet you it is not possible to receive correction data from the RTK Network and which means accuracy will be significantly reduced. The accuracy you will obtain will vary depending on the situation. Tests have shown an accuracy of 50cm-2m (1.5ft-6.5ft).