Accepting and Managing your Catalyst Subscription (Admin)

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This article is for user that will manage Catalyst Subscriptions and/or ON Demand hours across their teams or for single users.

Catalyst Licenses are managed in the Trimble License Manager dashboard 


Catalyst DA2 GNSS receivers requires a Catalyst Subscription or On Demand Hours to achieve high accuracy measurements.


When you purchase a Trimble subscription you will receive:

  • a Welcome to Catalyst! email from Trimble, if you do not have a Trimble account already.
    If required, follow the link provided to create your Trimble Identity



  • a confirmation email of your purchase from Trimble.
    The email will provide with the link to your License Manager dashboard. From this screen you will be able to activate your purchase and assign subscriptions and on Demand Hours to your team.

    NOTE: You have up to 90 days to activate your purchase. After 90 days your subscription will automatically activate



Further information about how the Trimble License Manager work can be found on the Trimble License Manager Help Portal