Field users - How do I know I have access to Trimble Catalyst Correction Services (Subscription or On Demand hours)

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This article is for field users that have been asked to use RD Map+ with a Trimble® Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver.

Your company Trimble License administrator is responsible to manage your Catalyst Subscriptions or access to On Demand Service.

When your administrator assign a Subscription or grants access to On Demand services to you you will receive a Welcome email from Trimble.


Use your Trimble ID to Sign in into Trimble Mobile Manager and verify you access from there.


Follow these steps:

  1. Connect the DA2 USB cable to the battery and turn ON Bluetooth wireless connectivity   
  2. Start Trimble Mobile Manager (sign in if required)
  3. Tap Select Position Source
  4. Select your DA2 once this becomes available in the list of Bluetooth devices
  5. Tap Connect
  6. Trimble Mobile Manager will show your Subscription and/or access to On Demand hours at the bottom of the screen