Attaching the phone bracket

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When using a mobile device running a compatible application, you can use the Phone mount to conveniently hold your device next to the locator and have immediate visual feedback on the survey measurement points you are marking.
The new design of the RD8200SG handle allows the quick and easy addition of a mobile device holder, this can be mounted on either side of the screen to suit the operator preference.

RD8200SG with mobile device holder


WARNING! Mobile phones or tablets may interfere with the locator’s performance if positioned not in either of the side positions, see illustration above.
Some mobile phone or tablets may affect the locator’s performance, even if used in the correct position. This may be obvious in situations where the locator is trying to detect a very small signal or at a low frequency, and it manifests itself by an unstable signal shown on the bar graph and/or depth or current measurement.
If in doubt remove the mobile phone or tablet to verify if these are affecting the behavior of the locator.
No cables, such as power leads or headphones, must be connected to the phone or tablet when used with the mount kit.


Attaching the phone bracket

The RD8200SG is fitted with a mount on both sides of the locator, to allow for the phone holder to be attached on either side.

1. Slide the square plate on the phone holder down into the bracket. Make sure the wheel is slightly
loosened so there is enough room for the phone bracket to slot into place.

Once the phone holder is in place, turn the wheel clockwise to fasten and anti-clockwise to loosen.

Press the red button on the phone holder to extend the bracket and place your phone in the holder.
Squeeze tight to secure the phone in place.