Updating your DA2 software

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It is important to keep your DA2 GNSS receiver software up-to-date to ensure it benefits by all improvements, security patches or bug fixes the latest version of software may bring.

To check or update your Trimble Catalyst DA2 software:


NOTE:  DA2 software updates take up to 10 minutes. You will not be able to use the DA2 during the update process.

  1. Ensure your DA2 battery is fully charged
  2. Ensure you have a data connectivity on your Android device
  3. Turn On the DA2
  4. Start Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) on your Android device and connect to the DA2
  5. Once connected TMM will check the DA2 software version and warn you if an update is available for your device. This may take a few minutes.

    If an update is available:

  6. Tap Learn more to show the Software Update screen
  7. Tap Download and install now to initiate the update process.
    Note that during the update process the DA2 light will turn yellow and the Software Update screen will shows the update progress

Do not turn off or disconnect the battery from the DA2 GNSS antenna during the update process.

  1.  When the update is complete, tap Done
  2. The receiver will automatically reboot and its light will start flashing blue

The DA2 is now updated and ready to be used