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The Trimble Catalyst menu screen provides access to the Trimble Catalyst internal system.



This menu ican be used to:

  • verify the status of your catalyst subscription
  • start, check or extend your On Demand hours
  • verify your Catalyst DA2 status

and if required

  • connect or disconnect to your DA2
  • connect or disconnect to the Trimble Correction Hub 

NOTE: The first time you access this screen you may be asked to "Allow RD Map+ to make and manage phone calls". Please select Allow, as this permission is required to maintain compatibility with the Trimble Catalyst system.


Accessing the Trimble Catalyst menu

The Trimble Catalyst menu can be accessed from the RD Map+ home page or map screen. Follow this steps:

  1. Press the menu button, at the top left corner of the screen, or swipe right
  2. tap Trimble Catalyst

To exit this menu :

  1. use the Close button, found at the bottom of the screen

Trimble Catalyst menu


The Trimble Catalyst menu has 4 sections:


Subscription Status

This section shows the status of your Trimble Catalyst subscription successfully.

If this has not loaded successfully the Load subscription button will become active. Use this to attempt loading the subscription again.

If you have a Subscription Loaded use the Check on demand button to start an On demand hour or extend the current one by adding one or more hours. 

You must have access to a pool of hours to be able to start one. Check with your company's Trimble admin, if you believe you should have access to some but you cannot access this function.

 Contact us or your local Radiodetection distributor if you whish to purchase a block of hours or if you want to find out more.

NOTE: Once an On demand hour has started or extended it cannot be paused or stopped.


Connection Status

The connection status shows you Bluetooth connection status to your Trimble Catalyst DA2.

If your DA2 is showing not connected , verify that your unit is ON and use the Connect button to attempt to connect to it.  


Trimble Correction Hub Survey

This section shows the status of the Trimble Correction Hub system. This is what it controls the correction of your DA2 system to achieve your desired accuracy.

CAUTION: Do not Stop an active survey as this stop the correction system.

If there is no active survey press Start survey, to attempt to connect to the correction hub



GNSS status

The GNSS status section displays the output of the DA2 GNSS satellite receiver when a GNSS fix is achieved.

NOTE: This section will remain empty or not update if a  GNSS fix is not available

Press Show Catalyst output to see further GNSS output messages 

Press Hide full output to hide this section