Magnetic Heading Calibration

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Magnetic Heading Calibration

It is possible, over time that the magnetic heading value may become less accurate due to a build up of DC magnetic offsets within the locator.  If you believe that the magnetic heading is not accurate, it is advisable to check the reading using the steps in paragraph 6. below.  If a new calibration is required, please follow steps 1 - 5 below.

  1. In the RD8200SG settings, navigate to: INFO >MAG_H > RESET > YES
  2. Then press the button 4 times to return to the main screen. The RD8200SG will now be in
    Magnetic Compass RESET mode. (Reset mode means the magnetic compass calibration process has begun).
  3. Slowly rotate the locator through 360 degrees whilst maintaining a vertical orientation, using the spirit level bubble (within 5 deg from vertical). You will see the two highlighted numbers in figure 7a and 7b increase together as more valid calibration measurements are taken. These two numbers will
    always be the same in RESET mode. Keep rotating until the numbers reach at least 50 valid measurements.
  4. Once 50 valid measurements are obtained, the RD8200SG will automatically switch into the CHECK
    mode. The purpose of check mode is to evaluate calibration quality. In this mode the two highlighted numbers (figure 8) will be different – the top number represents magnetic heading (like a conventional compass with north being 0 degrees) and the bottom number represents the calibration percentage error.

          For a successful calibration, the calibration percentage error (bottom highlighted number in
          (figure 8) must be less than 5%.

     5. To exit the magnetic calibration, go to INFO >MAG_H > EXIT then press the  button 3 times to
         go back to the main locator operation screen.

     6. To use CHECK mode at any time to check the magnetic heading compass and the calibration              percentage error, go to INFO > MAG_H > CHECK then press the  button 3 times - the                          calibration  percentage error should be less than 5%.      

     7. To exit the CHECK mode, go to INFO >MAG_H > EXIT then press the  button 3 times to go                 back to the main locator operation screen.


NOTE: If the top circled number reads 360 in either mode, this represents an error.


Figure 7a Figure 7b Figure 8