Antenna modes

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The RD8200SG locator supports 5 antenna modes to suit your particular application or the local environment.

To scroll between locate modes, press the antenna key.png key.

peak mode.png PEAK: For accurate locating, the Peak bargraph provides a visual readout of the signal strength. The Peak signal is found directly over the buried utility.
peak+ mode.png PEAK+: Choose to combine the accuracy of the Peak bargraph with Null arrows, which can indicate the presence of distortion, or with proportional Guidance arrows for rapid line tracing - switch between them by pressing and holding the antenna key.png key.
guidance mode.png GUIDANCE: Proportional arrows and a ballistic directional 'needle' combine with audio left/right indication for rapidly tracing the general path of a buried utility.
broad peak.png BROAD PEAK: Operating similarly to Peak mode, but giving a result over a wider area. Used to detect and trace very weak signals, for example very deep utilities.
null mode.png NULL: Provides a quick left/right indication of the path of a utility. As Null is susceptible to interference, it is best used in areas where no other utilities are present.