Model 200 Dehydrator Quick Start Guide

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Model 200 Dehydrator Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on purchasing your new Dielectric dehydrator. This quick start guide will detail the necessary steps to get your dehydrator quickly setup and working in your system.

Please refer to the complete user manual for further detail on dehydrator operation and all safety warning information.

Site Requirements:

  • The dehydrator requires a level surface with a minimum of 3 inches clearance on all sides and in an area with a maximum temperature between 33 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Operating the dehydrator in a temperature range of 60-90 degrees will increase the lifespan of the unit.
  • Connect the dehydrator to a properly grounded electrical source with the power cord accessible so that the power cord may be used as an electrical disconnect.

  1. Install the outlet fitting included with the dehydrator in the accessory bag along with spare fuses. Apply thread sealant compound or Teflon tape to the threads before installing onto the dehydrator. After installing the outlet fitting, attach a 3/8” tube from your system to the fitting.
  2. Turn on the dehydrator using the front on/off switch.
  3. When the dehydrator is initially turned on, it is common for the dryer to display an initial humidity alarm due to inactivity during transit and storage. The active humidity alarm will cause the dehydrator to bypass any air being created and will prevent the storage tank from being filled with wet air until the alarm condition is cleared.  This humidity alarm will normally clear within 1 hour of constant runtime.
  4. Once the humidity alarm has cleared there should be some pressure displayed on the tank pressure gauge. Adjust the line pressure regulator and observe the line pressure gauge to set the dehydrator output pressure to the desired pressure. Note: When filling a system for the first time, the pressure may take some time to stabilize. Once the system has stabilized, some final adjustment may be required.
  5. After the dehydrator has filled the system being pressurized, the unit should fill the tank up to approximately 40 PSI and shut off. Once tank has drained down to approximately 20 PSI the compressor should restart and begin refilling the tank.


Please refer to the complete instruction booklet for additional information on dehydrator operation.