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The RD8200SG locator uses its internal GNSS module to detect and store its latitude, longitude and accurate UTC time alongside its locating data using RD Map™ or the automatic logging system (8200G model only).

The presence of GNSS data allows for the data to be mapped easily and to export and save the information directly into GIS systems.

GPS menu

To enter the GPS menu:

  1. Press the power key.png key to enter the menu.
  2. Scroll to the GPS menu using the up arrow.png or down arrow.png keys.
  3. Press the antenna.png key to enter the GPS menu.

Use the up arrow.png or down arrow.pngkeys to scroll through the 4 options:

  • RESET: Select YES to reset the internal GPS.
  • OFF: Select this to switch off the internal GPS module and save battery.
  • RTK: Select this to switch on or off the RTK accuracy GPS/GNSS.
  • EXIT: Select this to exit the GPS menu.


  1. Press the frequency key.png key to accept your changes and exit the GPS menu.
  2. Press the power key.png key to exit the menu.

NOTE: When SBAS is ON the GPS system may take longer to lock.

Internal GNSS ‘GPS’

RD8200SG locator has an internal GNSS module. When internal GPS is enabled, it will automatically try to “lock” onto a number of satellites as soon as the RD8200SG unit is turned on.
The time required for the GNSS module to lock onto the GNSS system varies depending on the length of time that has passed since the last time the locator was used, and on the presence of obstacles (like high buildings, trees, etc.) that obstruct sight to the sky.
If the unit has not been used for several days the time to first fix may take up to several minutes.
The RD8200SG locator display provides a number of icons indicating the presence of an internal and active GNSS and when this has locked to the GNSS system, the quality of the signal received or numbers of satellites received.
The accuracy of the GNSS module is affected by the number of satellites received and best accuracy is only reached when the signal quality is at its maximum.

gps icons.png

GPS Icons


The LCD GPS operation icons provide visual information about the status of the internal GPS module:

gps status.png

GPS status and satellites in view