SmartTech 100530 ATS Interface Board Dryer Type Setup

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ATS Interface Board Dryer Type Setup


The ATS interface board used in the Smart Tech dryers comes factory programmed for the specific model of dryer which it is intended to be used in. In the event you need to re-program the board to use it in a different model of Smart Tech dryer follow the provided steps in this guide.

The board will function in the unit even if it is not programmed for the correct model however the flow display in SCFD will not display the correct flow amount.


To Enter factory setup to change the dryer type do the following steps:

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Scroll down to setup menu.
  3. Once in setup menu, scroll down until the cursor arrow on the left is pointing to ATS Bus Address.
  4. Next, press the up-arrow button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  5. Press the down-arrow button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  6. Press the OK button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  7. You should be holding all three buttons down in that sequence. Continue to hold for approximately ten seconds.
  8. If the button presses were correct, you will now be in the factory setup menu. If you are not in the setup menu try again.
  9. Using the down-arrow, scroll down to dryer type and press OK.
  10. Select the dryer type using the up/down arrows and then press OK.
  11. Press exit 3 times to fully exit out of the factory setup. The interface board is now programmed for your dryer type.