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What is the difference between regular GPS/GNSS?

• GPS refers to the North American Global Positioning System.

• GNSS refers to the international multi-constellation Satellite System. GNSS includes GPS, GLONAS, Baidu, Galileo, and any other constellation system.

What is an RTK Correction service?

RTK Correction Service is a (usually paid) subscription to receive data in the field that help position GNSS receivers more accurately. Some regions offer free correction services (e.g., through the local Department of Transportation) so it’s worth checking if this is available in your local area.

What is NTRIP (usually pronounced N-trip)?

NTRIP stands for Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol. The NTRIP protocol enables the mobile GNSS receiver (RD8200SG) to access data from the RTK base station over the internet to achieve high accuracy. NTRIP can be built in the structure of a mapping app (such as PointMan) or it can be a separate mobile app (such as Lefebure for Android).

What is the difference between RTK/RTX systems?

RTK can only be used over Internet connectivity and will only work with the RD8200SG. Whereas RTX can be used over Internet and satellite connectivity but only works with Trimble.