The locator is not sending points to the app. How do I resolve this?

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Step 1: Check the following settings in the SMLOG menu on the locator

1. Check SMLOG COM is ON: SMLOG > COM > ON.
2. Check SMLOG PROT is set to ASCII : SMLOG > PROT > ASCII > 1 or 2
3. Check GPS is ON: SMLOG > PROT > ASCII > GPS+ > YES.
4. Check RTK is ON: GPS > RTK > ON.

Step 2: Verify that your locator and Android device are paired.

You will need to pair 2 Bluetooth modules within the locator, firstly the locator GNSS antenna Bluetooth and secondly the locator Bluetooth module used for sending Survey Measurements.

Check pairings on the Android device by going to Settings/Connections/Bluetooth and check for the following Bluetooth pairings:  RTK82SG-XXXXXX (GNSS antenna Bluetooth) and 82SG-XXXXXX (Locator Survey Measurement Bluetooth).


Step 3: It is possible for some reason that one or both pairings may have lost connection and the Android device that the Bluetooth is paired to will not know this and will still show as being paired. One of the main reasons for this is because each time the locator is put into 'Pairing' mode, maybe by mistake or somebody uses the locator to pair with some other device, any previous pairings will be removed.

If you have any doubts, remove any pairings from the Android device and pair both Bluetooth modules again (Bluetooth pairing modules)

If you are still experiencing issues it may be worthwhile resetting the the Bluetooth modules using the locator menu.  Please note, resetting the Bluetooth modules will remove all previous pairings.

To reset the GNSS Bluetooth module: SMLOG > RESET > YES

To reset locator Survey Measurement Bluetooth module: GPS > RESET > YES