Smart Tech Dehydrator False High or Low System Pressure Alarm Troubleshooting

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Technical Bulletin: Smart Tech dryer shuts down for high or low system pressure when system pressure reads and measures normal.

Symptom: If you are experiencing what appear to be false high or low system pressure alarms causing the dryer to run for a short period of time before shutting down and the system pressure is measuring normally both on the sight tube and on the display, perform the following steps to check and reset the pressure alarm setpoints:

Cause: The exact cause of the issue is unknown however, it has been found that the alarm set points in the factory setup menu which is normally hidden from the end user will change from the factory settings of 15 and 40 PSI causing the dryer to register an alarm even when the pressure is within the normal range.

Remedy: Perform the following steps to enter the factory setup menu and reprogram the alarm set points.


  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Scroll down to setup menu.
  3. Once in setup menu scroll down until the cursor arrow on the left is pointing to ATS Bus Address.
  4. Next press the up-arrow button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  5. Press the down-arrow button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  6. Press the OK button and HOLD IT DOWN.
  7. You should be holding all three buttons down in that sequence. Continue to hold for approximately ten seconds.
  8. If the button presses were correct, you will now be in the factory setup menu. If you are not in the setup menu try again.
  9. Once in the factory setup menu scroll down to low system press and hit OK. The setting should be 15 PSI, if it has changed then adjust it back to 15 and press OK.
  10. Scroll down to the high system press and hit OK. This setting should be 40 PSI, if it has changed set it back to 40 and press OK.
  11. DO NOT enter in any other options or adjust anything else inside of this factory setup menu. You can easily erase sensor calibration data causing the board to be no longer functional without a factory recalibration.
  12. Now press exit three times to exit out of all menus. Reset the dryer alarms and it should start back up and run normally.