RD Manager™ Online

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RD Manager Online is the RD8200SG Locator PC companion and allows you to manage and customize your locator. It also allows software upgrades to the locator.


You can use RD Manager Online to setup your locator by performing a number of maintenance tasks, such as setting date and time, activating and de-activating active frequencies, setting up custom frequencies, or setting-up functions like CALSafe or StrikeAlert.

RD Manager Online is also used to retrieve and analyze surveys data and internal logged data.

RD Manager Online eCert™ remote calibration testing provides fast and convenient calibration / performance testing of RD7200, RD8200, RD8200SG cable and pipe locators without the need to return them to a service centre, saving time and expense for operators.

RD Manager Online is compatible PCs running with Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit.

For more information about RD Manager Online refer to the RD Manager operation manual.

To Obtain RD Manager Online:
1 Go to www.radiodetection.com
2 Follow the instructions