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The RD8200SG locator and transmitter are robust, durable and weatherproof. However, you can extend your equipment’s life by following these care and maintenance guidelines.

Store the equipment in a clean and dry environment. Ensure all terminals and connection sockets are clean, free of debris and corrosion and are undamaged.

Do not use this equipment when damaged or faulty.

Batteries and power supply

Use good quality Alkaline or NiMH batteries only. When using an AC adapter, use only Radiodetection approved adapters.

Only use Radiodetection approved Li-Ion battery packs.


WARNING! Do not attempt to clean this equipment when it is powered or connected to any power source, including batteries, adapters and live cables.

Ensure the equipment is clean and dry whenever possible.

Clean with a soft, moistened cloth.

If using this equipment in foul water systems or other areas where biological hazards may be present, use an appropriate disinfectant.

Do not use abrasive materials or chemicals as they may damage the casing, including the reflective labels.

Do not use high pressure hoses.


Do not attempt to disassemble this equipment under any circumstances. The locator and transmitter contain no user serviceable parts.

Disassembly may damage the equipment and or reduce its performance and may void the manufacturer’s

Service and maintenance

For over 40 years, Radiodetection has designed and manufactured Cable and pipe locators. Our reputation for quality and reliability is unrivalled in the industry. When used and maintained correctly, customers enjoy many years of uninterrupted use. We recognise that product selection is just the start of the journey. Quality of service and aftercare are paramount to ensure the life of the equipment. With that in mind, Radiodetection offers a range of comprehensive after-sales services to give users the confidence that your cable and pipe locators will live to their full potential.

To keep our products in good working order, we would encourage users to evaluate their own needs and
operational user cases to create a maintenance, service and repair regimen that is right for them. Many factors can influence the creation of that regimen. Here are just some factors that should be considered that might have a bearing on what is the right maintenance regimen for you.

Frequency of use, type of service, environmental conditions and creating a common maintenance program across other equipment types will all come into play. We would encourage users to ensure they factor in the full extent of the locator kit. Transmitter, receivers, chargers, leads and Li-Ion batteries as examples all need to be factored both separately and collectively.
Users may want to consider a multi-factored regimen that covers daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities. This could start with visual inspections especially power cables, gaskets and batteries for signs of wear and tear. Radiodetection also offers two services that customers may want to consider.

Remote digital calibration

eCert remote calibration testing provides fast and convenient calibration testing of Radiodetection’s locators without the need to return them to a service centre, saving time and expense for operators.

Using an internet connection to Radiodetection, eCert tests the locating circuitry within a connected locator, applying test signals to key components to confirm that the unit remains within calibration and suitable for use.

Service and repair services

Radiodetection also offers a global network of registered service centres that provide a range of service options to inspect, repair, service and recalibrate you pipe and cable locators. Regularly check your locator for correct operation using eCert and the on-board Self-Test.

NOTE: Service by non-approved service centers or operators may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Radiodetection products, including this guide, are under continuous development and are subject to change without notice. Go to or contact your local Radiodetection representative for the latest information regarding the RD8200SG locator or any Radiodetection product.