Survey Measurements Data Structure

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Survey Measurements sent from a compatible Precision Locators are stored by RD Map+.

These measurements are automatically supplemented by GNSS measurements taken from your Android mobile device or External GNSS when applicable.

When you share Job data all of the Survey measurements data are exported in the export file.


Survey Measurements data structure is as follow:


# CSV/KML Field SHP Field Description Units Source
1 Date Date Survey Measurement Date   Locator
2 Time Time Survey Measurement Time   Locator
3 Job reference Job Ref Job Reference   App User
4 Company Company Company Name   App User
5 Operator Operator Operator Name   App User
6 Locator serial number Serial No Locator Serial Number   Locator
7 Address Address Survey Address   App User
8 Utility Utility Surveyed utility   App User
9 Log No Log No Locator Log ID   Locator
10 Locator Mode Loc Mode Locator Mode   Locator
11 Locate Frequency Loc Freq Locate Frequency Hz Locator
12 Additional Data Extra info Locator Additional Data*   Locator
13 Depth [m] Depth Estimated Utility Depth Meter Locator
14 Fault Find Signal FF Signal Fault Find Signal Strength dB microvolts Locator
15 Current [mA] Current Measured Current  milli Amper Locator
16 CD Phase CD Phase CD Angle Phase Degrees Locator
17 Signal Strength Signal EM Signal Strength    Locator
18 Gain Gain Locator Gain dB Locator
19 Locator GPS Mode L GPS M  Locator GPS Mode   Locator
20 Marker Type RFM Type Marker Locator Type   Locator
21 Marker Depth [m] RFM Depth Estimated Marker Depth   Locator
22 Marker Signal Strength RFM Signal Marker Signal Strength   Locator
23 Marker Gain RFM Gain Locator Marker Gain dB Locator
24 Locator Date Loc Date Locator Date   Locator
25 Locator Time Loc  Time Locator Time   Locator
26 Locator GNSS Date L GPS Date Locator GNSS Date   Locator
27 Locator GNSS UTC L GPS UTC Locator GNSS Time   Locator
28 Locator GNSS Horizontal Dilution L HDOP Locator GNSS Horizontal Dilution   Locator
29 Locator GNSS altitude [m] L Altitude Locator GNSS Altitude Meter Locator
30 Locator GNSS Geoid L Geoid Locator GNSS Geoid   Locator
31 Locator GNSS Geoid Unit L Geoid U Locator GNSS Geoid Unit   Locator
32 Locator GNSS Fix L GPS Fix Locator GNSS Fix Type   Locator
33 Locator GNSS satellites No. L Sat No No of satellites tracked by the Locator GNSS   Locator
34 Locator GNSS Lat L Lat Locator Latitude  Degrees Locator
35 Locator GNSS Lon L Lon Locator Longitude  Degrees Locator
36 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lat M Latitude Mobile Device Latitude  Degrees Mobile Device
37 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lon M Lon Mobile Device Longitude  Degrees Mobile Device
38 Phone_Tablet GNSS Horizontal Accuracy [m] M HPA Mobile Device Horizontal Accuracy   Mobile Device
39 Phone_Tablet GNSS Vertical Accuracy [m] M VPA Mobile Device Vertical Accuracy   Mobile Device
40 EXT GNSS Lat E Lat External GNSS Latitude  Degrees External GNSS
41 EXT GNSS Lon E Lon External GNSS Longitude  Degrees External GNSS
42 EXT GNSS Horizontal Accuracy [m] E HPA External GNSS Horizontal Accuracy   External GNSS
43 EXT GNSS Vertical Accuracy [m] E VPA External GNSS Vertical Accuracy   External GNSS
44 Survey Lat U Lat Survey Latitude Degrees RD Map+
45 Survey Lon U Lon Survey Longitude Degrees RD Map+
46 Survey coordinates source GPS Source Survey Coordinates Source   RD Map+
47 Phone_Tablet Name M Name Mobile Device Name   Mobile Device
48 Phone_Tablet GNSS UTC M UTC Mobile Device Name Time   Mobile Device
49 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lat angle M Lat Ang Mobile Device Latitude Angle  Degrees Mobile Device
50 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lat direction M Lat Dir Mobile Device Latitude Direction   Mobile Device
51 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lon angle M Lon Ang Mobile Device Longitude Angle  Degrees Mobile Device
52 Phone_Tablet GNSS Lon direction M Lon Dir Mobile Device Longitude Direction   Mobile Device
53 Phone_Tablet GNSS fix M GPS Fix Mobile Device GNSS Fix Type   Mobile Device
54 Phone_Tablet GNSS satellites No. M Sat No No of satellites tracked by the Mobile Device   Mobile Device
55 Phone_Tablet GNSS Horizontal dilution M HDOP Mobile Device GNSS HDOP   Mobile Device
56 Phone_Tablet GNSS altitude [m] M Altitude Mobile Device GNSS Altitude Meter Mobile Device
57 Phone_Tablet GNSS Geoid M Geoid Mobile Device GNSS Geoid   Mobile Device
58 Phone_Tablet GNSS Geoid unit M Geoid U Mobile Device GNSS Geoid Units   Mobile Device
59 EXT GNSS BT Name E Name External GNSS Bluetooth Name   External GNSS
60 EXT GNSS UTC E UTC External GNSS UTC   External GNSS
61 EXT GNSS Lat angle E Lat Ang External GNSS Latitude Angle Degrees External GNSS
62 EXT GNSS Lat direction E Lat Dir External GNSS Latitude Direction   External GNSS
63 EXT GNSS Lon angle E Lon Ang External GNSS Longitude Angle   External GNSS
64 EXT GNSS Lon direction E Lon Dir External GNSS Longitude Direction   External GNSS
65 EXT GNSS fix E GPS FIX External GNSS Fix Type   External GNSS
66 EXT GNSS satellites No. E SAT No No of satellites tracked by the External GNSS   External GNSS
67 EXT GNSS horizontal dilution E HDOP External GNSS HDOP   External GNSS
68 EXT GNSS Altitude [m] E Altitude External GNSS Altitude Meter External GNSS
69 EXT GNSS Geoid E Geoid External GNSS Geoid   External GNSS
70 EXT GNSS Geoid unit E Geoid U External GNSS Units   External GNSS


*Additional Data

The additional locator data field describes additional display information provided by the RD8100 and whether accessories have been used during the locate process.

This 32-bit word has been broken down into smaller bit fields to represent the additional information as follows:

Protocol ID

(Bits 31 to 29) 3 bits used

This field identifies the protocol used by the Locator to transmit data:


Locator Model Value
RD7100M or RD8100M 2
RD8100 3
RD8200 5


Compass Angle

(Bits 28 to 20) 9 bits used

The locator has a compass display and this 9-bit field indicates the angle displayed in degrees between 0 and 89 for the right quadrant and 270 to 359 degrees for the left quadrant. A compass angle value equal to 511 indicates that the field value is invalid.

Left/Right Null Arrows

(Bits 19 to 16) 4 bits used

During a null locate an arrow indication is given on the locator display of how far to the left or right of the cable the Locator/User is positioned. There are five values for each of the left and right arrows and additional center value.

Value 0 indicates no left/right arrow data e.g. peak mode locate being used.

Values 1 to 5 for left arrows, where value 1 is the largest left arrow (i.e. has the biggest tail) and value 5 is the single left arrow head marker (i.e. has no tail).

Value 6 indicates mid-scale i.e. left and right arrows together.

Values 7 to 11 for right arrows, where value 11 is the largest right arrow (i.e. has the biggest tail) and value 7 is the single right arrow head marker (i.e. has no tail).


Antenna Mode

(Bits 15 to 12) 4 bits used

This field identifies the Antenna mode used during the locate log and is defined as follows:


Value Mode
0 Peak
1 Vertical Null
2 Broad
3 All
4 None
5 Accessory
6 A-Frame
7 Peak+
8 Guidance


Accessory Type

(Bits 11 to 8) 4 bits used

This field identifies if an Accessory was connected to the locator. The Accessory Type values are as follows:

Value Accessory
0 None
1 A-Frame
2 Marker Probe
3 Single Probe
4 Single Antenna
5 CD Clamp
6 CD Stethoscope
7 Double Antenna
8 Standard Stethoscope
9 Unknown Accessory


Sonde / Line

(Bit 7) 1 bits used

This field indicates whether the depth measurement is Line or Sonde:

0 = Line


1 = Sonde


Battery Level

(Bits 6 to 4) 3 bits used

The locator display has a battery level indicator symbol with three bars. There are five distinct battery levels defined as follows.

Value Battery Level
0 High (fully charged, 3 bars)
1 Medium (2 bars)
2 Medium-to-Low (1 bar)
3 Low (0 bars)
4 Very low (indicator flashing)


Volume Level - RD7100M, RD8100M and RD8100

(Bit 3 and bit 2) 2 bits used

This field indicates the Locator Volume level :


Value Battery Level
0 VOL0 - Mute
1 VOL1
2 VOL2
3 VOL3


Volume Level - RD8200

(Bit 0 , bit 3 and bit 2) 2 bits used

Bit 0 is the most significant bit. This field indicates the Locator Volume level :

Value Battery Level
0 VOL0 - Mute
1 VOL1
2 VOL2
3 VOL3
4 VOL4
5 VOL5


Overload flag

(Bit 1)  1 bit used

This field indicates that the Locator is overloaded with respect to Locator or Marker signal processing.

0 = No overload condition


1 = Locator overloaded with respect to Locator or Marker signal processing.