How to add external GNSS data to stored locator Survey Measurements

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One of the features of upgrading RD Map+ to Premium level is the ability to push high accuracy position measurements into the locator's own Survey Measurements memory or GNSS data from the mobile device.

To do this you will need to enter the locator menu and set up as follows:



Using High Accuracy External GNSS

In the RD Map+ app, select Settings and in the Position section select the Source to External, select the External GNSS device you wish to use and finally select the Paired device.



Using the Mobile Device as the external GNSS

Alternatively if you do not wish to use a high accuracy external GNSS source you could use the Mobile device as the external GNSS source by selecting Mobile device as the Source.  Set External GNSS to Not selected and Paired devices to Not selected.


Each time the Survey Measurement key is pressed on the locator, the selected GNSS source will apply the data to the stored locator Survey Measurements within the locator.